Echoes From Trigg's History:Between the Rivers Vol II (1979)

"Dedicated to the Echoes of





from the land between the rivers"




Dating, Weddings, Shivarees
Burial Customs and Graveyards
And the Rains Came . . . The Flood of 1937
The Kentucky Project
Second Burning of Golden Pond
Education in Golden Pond
Golden Pond Schools . . . As They Were
Golden Pond Baptist Church
Golden Pond Post Office
Golden Pond Hotel
William Kelly and the Iron Process
Furnaces Between the Rivers
Industries Between the Rivers
Sorghum: Homemade Sweetness
National Refuge
Intervention of T. V. A.
Acquisition of the Land
Preserved Wildlife

  Out of print.  Copies available at Trigg County High School, Cadiz, KY; John L. Street Library, Cadiz, KY; and Murray State University, Murray, KY.