Echoes from Trigg's History Vol III (1980)

“We, the Honors English Class
of 1980, dedicate Echoes III to the Senior
Citizens whose memories we treasure—of the
way Trigg County was.  They have so generously
shared with us traces of our heritage, that
we may better understand the paths of our futures.”  




Brick Inn--Canton Hotel
Cadiz Railroad--The Beginning
Chamber of Commerce House--From Old to New to Old
WKDZ--The Voice of Trigg County
Lake Barkley Lodge
County Farm
Cadiz Fire of 1920
Averitt School
Old Dunbar School
The History of Trigg County High School
History of Trigg County Football
Moonshining in Golden Pond
Firing Dark Tobacco
Bootlegging--An Art in Itself

  Out of print.  Copies available at Trigg County High School, Cadiz, KY; John L. Street Library, Cadiz, KY; and Murray State University, Murray, KY.