Echoes from Trigg's History Vol VII (1990)

“We dedicate this book to our dear friend:

         Chris Lake Stallons (1972-1989)

‘When you were here, you made us laugh.
The good times we’ve had were never enough.’”






Cerulean Schools
The Activities of Dunbar
Bethesdia School
The History of McUpton
The History of the Ned Bingham Family
Gertrude Humphries: First Home Economics Teacher
Jim Lawrence
Mr. Howard Wilson “The Wart Man”
The 1910 Explosion of Cadiz Christian Church
East Cadiz Baptist Church
Canton Baptist Church
The Trigg County Country Ham Festival: The Origin and Tradition
Cadiz Railroad Trail
Early Canton and the Canton Hotel
Robert Wallace General Store
Cerulean Post Office
The Lindsey-Hopson Homeplace
Development of the Homeplace 1850
New Deal

  Out of print.  Copies available at Trigg County High School, Cadiz, KY; John L. Street Library, Cadiz, KY; and Murray State University, Murray, KY.