Echoes From Eureka's Past Vol III (1995)

William “Bill” Davis

For teaching us, Associate Professor of Theatre, 1974-Present
      ‘Have I, thy schoolmaster, made thee more profit/
      Than other princes can.’*
For leading us, Eureka City Alderman, 1989-Present
     ‘This is a strange a maze as e’er men trod.’*
For guiding us to be our best: colleague, mentor, friend
     ‘We are such stuff/As dreams are made of.’*
For laughing with us, even through tears
     ‘And do my spiriting gently.’*

  * Shakespeare’s The Tempest             





Eureka's Early History: The Civil War
John E. Fish: The Ability to Touch People
Early Newspaper History in Eureka, Illinois
The Spirit of the Woodford County Courthouse
McCallister's Triumphs and Contributions
Forever "Dear Old Pals": The Delta Delta Pi
       Sorority at Eureka College
Jacob Aaron Rinker: Money Won't Buy the Joy of Living
Namesake of the Newson Lecture: A Woman Among Men
Leo "Doc" Traister: A Dedicated and Encouraging Individual
"To Be or Not to Be": The Life of Dr. Mabel Bailey
The Life and Times of Dr. Loren Logsdon
Tom McGhee: The Man Behind the Photograph
From the Ground Up: The Evolution of Eureka College's
       Theatre Program
Inside the Ronald W. Reagan Scholarship Program
"Sugar": Greg Nunn
WCRI/WIVR: Woodford County's Only Radio Station
The Donald B. Cerf College Center: A Proud Heritage--A
       Bold Future
It Was Meant to Be: The 1994 Men's National Basketball Champions

  Out of print.  Copies available at Melick Library, Eureka, IL; Eureka High School Library, Eureka, IL; Eureka Public Library, Eureka, IL; and Woodford County Historical Society, Eureka, IL