Liberal Studies Colloquia 411: Time

Course Description:

This is an interdisciplinary course which exams both theoretical and practical concepts of time by exploring readings from physics, religion, psychology, education, philosophy, mythology, and literature. Each student will analyze personal, current use of time, research one aspect of a time-related topic (preferably in the student's major field of study), and develop a personal philosophy concerning future use of time. This course seeks to integrate knowledge on a universal theme and to highlight the changing nature of knowledge.

I. Required texts:
A. Lightman, Alan. Einstein's Dreams. New York: Pantheon, 1993.
B. A packet of individual works

II. Required supplemental supplies:

A. Ring binder
B. Writing journal (any permanently bound notebook)

III. Objectives concerning Time to have been met by the end of this class:

A. To have analyzed it as a metaphor, a scientific presence, a philosophical understanding, a religious certainty, an intellectual construct, a literary device, and a life reality
B. To have explored one definition in depth
C. To have seen the interconnectedness of knowledge from different fields of study
D. To have experienced the uncertainty of the certain
E. To have expressed one's understanding(s) in writing(s) and in speech

IV. *Grades:

A. Analysis of Dialogic and Reading Journal--20 pts.
B. Paper # 1--100 pts.
C. Paper # 2--200 pts.
D. Paper # 3--100 pts.
E. Presentation --20 pts.
*Note: All papers must be word processed, including the rough drafts. This requirement makes two wonderful events happen: 1. You will save time!; and 2. Your grades will be higher! They must also be turned in on the date they are due; every day late means a loss of 10% per day late!

V. Absences:
A. Class attendance is expected.
B. After two absences, one letter grade per absence will be deducted from the final course
grade. (Rare exceptions are granted on an individual basis. Do NOT come to school if
the weather is terrible and you would endanger your life by doing so: such an absence
WILL NOT influence your grade!).

440 Total Pts. _____
A = 94-100%
A- = 90-93%
B+ = 88-89%
B = 84-87%
B- = 80-83%
C+ = 78-79%
C = 74-77%
C- = 70-73%
D+ = 68-69%
D = 64-67%
D- = 60-63%
U = lower than 60%