Creative Writing: Poetry

I. Required materials:

A. A ring binder
B. Writing journal (any permanently bound notebook)
C. A good American anthology of poetry; subscription to a literary journal
D. An open mind
E. A creative spirit

II. Objectives to have been met by the student at the end of this class:
A. Genre knowledge: Will have become familiar with basic structural components (rhyme schemes, stanza breaks, meter, pauses, punctuation, voice, specificity, originality, etc), of a well-written poem.
B. Production: Will have produced thirty-six poems.
C. Writing strategies: Will have used peer critiques, collaborative writing, multiple draft writing, and free writing.
D. Process: Will have systematically recorded personal writing processes in a writing journal and have evaluated those processes.
E. Appreciation and analysis: Will have studied and collected 30 favorite poems in a poetry log.

III. Grades:
Undergraduate students, 675 points:
*A. Six packets of original poems (including ALL of their drafts), 100 points each packet, 600 points.
B. A collection (which the student has typed) of 30 of the student's favorite published poems in a ring binder with two copies of a Table of Contents, 15 points.
C. A writing process analysis from journal entries, 10 points.
D. Four author readings (of two poems each) with printed copies for all class members, 40 points.
E. Other writings, 10 points.
F. Any plagiarism, either in part or entirety, of a poem will result in an U in this class; plus the material will be submitted to the appropriate disciplinary committees.
Graduate students, 885 points:
G. Two more packets, 200 points.
H. One additional author reading, 10 points.
*Note: All poems must be typed; I recommend typing even the rough drafts on a computer. They must also be turned in on the date they are due; every day late means a loss of 10% per day late!

IV. Attendance Policy:
A. Since this is a workshop-type class, attendance is significant.
B. After two absences, one letter grade per absence will be deducted from the final course grade. (Exception: Do NOT come to school if the weather is terrible and you would endanger your life by doing so, such an absence WILL NOT influence your grade!).