theses and tutorials

University of Illinois Springfield


-  Kevin M. Tremain  The Story You Haven't Heard (Novel).  M.A. in English.
May 2010.

-  Kris Ruebling.  Rings (Novel).  M.A. in English.  May 2010.

-  Adam Kershaw.  A Simple Twisted Fate (Novel). M.A. in English.  December 2009.

-  Julie Perino.  The Forgotten History of the Einstein Academy (Novel).  M.A. in English.  December 2009.

-  Shawna Mayer.  Sitting Up with the Dying (Novel).  M.A. in English. December 2009.

-  Justin Armbruster.  The Proposition: A True Story Based on a Complete Lie (Novel).  M.A. in English.  November 2008.

-  Alice Armstrong.  Falling in Love with Life: A Memoir (Memoir).  M.A. in English.  April  2008.

-  Pamela Sue Sheley.  Riding Shotgun (Novel).  M.A. in English.  April 2007.

-  Josh Doetsch.  Souls Unsure (Novel).  M.A. in English.  April 2006.  UIS Outstanding Master’s Thesis, 2005 - 2006.  English Department’s Outstanding Master’s Thesis, 2005 - 2006.  One published chapter nominated for an Illinois Council Award and a Pushcart Award. 

-  Rhonda Whittenberg.  Under the Iron Mountains (Novel).  M.A. in English. April 2005.

-  Stacey Jo Laatsch.  Interstate (Novel).  M.A. in English.  December 2004.

-  Donna Mullen.  Make Whole (Novel).  M.A. in English.  November 2004.

-  David Logan.  Bring the Weather With You (Novel).  M.A. in English.  April 2004.

-  Joanna Beth Tweedy.  Roamin’ Catholics (Novel).  M.A. in English.  April 2004.  English Department’s Outstanding Master’s Thesis, 2003 – 2004.

-  Penny Pennell.  The Other Locals (Novel).  M.A. in English.  December 2003.

-  Michael A. Shipman.  Wrigleyville (Novel).  M.A. in English.  November 2003.

-  Dakin Dalpoas.  To Cover Her Eyes (Novel).  M.A. in English.  May 2003.



-  Heath Hixon.  "Third Parties in Illinois: A Modern History and a Look at Their Treatment by the Illinois Media in the 2000 Election Year" and "Third Parties in Illinois: Obstacles to Breaking Into the Political Culture." M.A. in Public Affairs Reporting. 2001.

-  Paul Santschi.  Integration of CADD, Project Accounting and Progress Schedule Data on a Highway Construction Project. M.S. in Computer Science. 2001.

Independent Studies/Tutorials:

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Short Fiction

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Nonfiction: Memoir

-  Creative Nonfiction: Focused Memoir Writing

-  Editing a Poetry Book for Publication

-  Creative Writing: Poetry

-  Research in Children’s Literature


Eureka College

Independent Study Courses:

-  Russian Literature

-  Discourse Communities

-  Play Writing

-  Writing Children's Literature

-  Archival Research

-  Editing for Publication

-  Manual Writing

-  Archives Administration

-  Writing Center Peer Tutoring

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Children’s Fiction

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Memoir

-  Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

-  Advanced Writing: Poetry